How long is the warranty period? How is the warranty period? What is the procedure?

2021-11-19 10:43:04 Apone 0

Warranty statement

The product's warranty period is two years (24 months) from the date of purchase. The warranty time of the replacement product will not be updated, and the warranty time of the original product will be extended. Please keep your proof of purchase such as invoices, receipts or shipping orders to prove your purchase date, otherwise the company reserves the right to reject your replacement application or calculate the warranty time based on the product's factory date.

Apone does not guarantee the uninterrupted or error-free operation of this product. For technical and other support that can be provided during the warranty period, you can refer to the Apone website or e-mail consultation.

This warranty does not cover any malfunctions that lead to software, data loss, profit loss, loss of stored data, any incidental damage or other economic consequential damages caused by accidents, abuse, improper use, negligence and other reasons, and natural disasters.

Apone products purchased through unofficially authorized distributors or personal online store channels may have quality problems and compatibility problems; there may also be the risk of not being able to guarantee the warranty. When purchasing, please choose a regular authorized dealer.

Product maintenance costs

For products that meet the warranty and the warranty period, if there are indeed material or manufacturing defects that cause the equipment to function abnormally, our company will be responsible for replacing the same type of product, and no additional maintenance fee will be charged. (Excluding transportation expenses incurred by product delivery). But as a manufacturer, our company does not provide any refund service.

Note: If the product has expired, the repair service will not be provided due to the lack of materials and parts required for repair.